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Thank - You! 

We would like to Thank all of our supporters who gave so generously to our December Mission!

We couldn’t do this without your support and encouragement

John & Cindi Herrman

Betty Mcmanhon

Crystal Mason

Melodye Habeeb

Sharnon Noto 

Heather George 

Sue & Harvey Miller

Sharon Puma

Jonathan Kanagh

Charles Kangah

Raymond Grabowski

Samantha Lynn Gibson

Erin Primrose

Danielle Kingsbury

Robin Bolton

Kathy Metott

Ann Marie Cliff

Elaine Everitt

Jill Lamphear

Jessica Baldwin

Melodye Mcmanhon

Heather Voorhes

Leah Doherty

Kristen Binder

Cherrie Vazquez

Erin Burton

Jodi Wood

Cindy Wood

Patty Sweeney

Ashley Vesico

Shannon Bumbolo

Christie Perfetti

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