Aya project will hold our 7th  Peace Tournament in Nana this July. AYA project believes that our soccer tournaments support our mission of health promotion thru sports and peace through fair play. 

Our tournament will include 4 community teams battling for the title of the PEACE tournament champions. Each team that takes part in the tournament will receive trophies and medals, and soccer equipment for the teams. Awards will also be given for sportsmanship and an MVP.

Our event will include community health education during half time including hand washing, healthy food handling, and healthy diet education. We have games planned for the community to take part in during the event. We are looking forward to a fun time for all! 

If you would like to donate to our tournament we are looking for

Used trophies that can be reconditioned 

Full-Size New Soccer Balls 

Ball Pumps

Referee Jerseys And Whistles 

PEACE Soccer Tournament 2021