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Mobile Medical Clinics 

 We are looking forward to our continued partnership with the villages and the healthcare team in 2021. During July 2021 we will be growing our mobile medical clinics and host clinics at 3 locations each location will have 2 sessions allowing AYA Team to treat as many patients as possible. 


During our clinics AYA  will distribute medication packets such as Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, cold and flu medications, vitamins, iron, and GI medications,  antibiotics, antimalarial medications, hypertension medications, and diabetic medication to those in need. AYA project relies on donations of medical supplies and medications in order to provided this services free of charge to all in need.


AYA Project will continue to partner  with local healthcare providers to ensure the best treatment options are being utilized. Local healthcare providers will also provide education to  AYA project volunteers about tropical disease and local wound care.  Local healthcare teams will also continue to care for patients that AYA identifies as needing follow up and ongoing care.


You can support our 2020 clinicals by donating to AYA Project or Visiting  our Amazon Wish List And Purchasing Some Of Our Most Needed Over The Counter Medications That We Will Use During Our 2020 mission 

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