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2019 Mobile Medical Clinics Report 

During our July Mission, AYA Project hosted rural mobile medical clinics, forging partnerships with local healthcare providers and village volunteers.

AYA Project distributed treatments to every eligible patient at our clinics, including Albendazole to treat parasitic infections and vitamin supplements. Local healthcare providers and village volunteers received education on the treatment protocols and will conduct a repeat treatment plan in six months for those interested. AYA has supplied both villages with enough Albendazole for distribution in six months. We extend our gratitude to Americares for providing AYA Project with Albendazole treatments.

In addition, during our clinics, AYA distributed over 1500 OTC medication packets, including Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, cold and flu medications, vitamins, iron, and GI medications. Our physician and NP prescribed over 250 prescriptions, including antibiotics, antimalarial medications, hypertension medications, and diabetic medications.

One of the critical health concerns we addressed during our clinics was Plasmodium falciparum malaria, particularly affecting children. AYA Project, along with local healthcare providers, treated all patients diagnosed and suspected of having an active malarial infection with medications donated by Blessing International Medicines for Missions Charity. Follow-up care continued for all acutely ill patients under the care of local healthcare providers. AYA Project funded all follow-up care and ongoing medical needs for 12 acutely ill children, all of whom have made a full recovery.

Our pharmacy filled most of the prescribed medications from donated supplies obtained from our partner organizations and supporters. Needed medications not available through our donated supply were purchased locally and distributed to those in need. AYA Project funded 45 additional prescriptions, all purchased locally.

AYA treated an estimated 25 minor wounds and 3 major wounds or skin infections. We distributed 40 skin care packs that included wound care kits, antibiotic creams, and lotions.

During our mobile clinics, reading glasses donated by Americares were distributed. A total of 350 pairs of glasses were placed in the hands of those in need. Villagers loved the glasses and looked stylish in them. Volunteers from the village were trained to administer simple reading glass exams and assisted villagers in selecting the appropriate reading glasses. This partnership was highly successful, and we look forward to continued use of village volunteers during our reading glass distribution next year.

AYA Project donated all excess supplies and medications to Nadakro village clinic for further treatment for villagers. Education and training were completed with local healthcare providers, ensuring safe usage and distribution of donated medical supplies.

We eagerly anticipate our continued partnership with the villages and healthcare team in 2020. During July 2020, we will be expanding our mobile medical clinics and hosting clinics at four locations, each with two sessions.

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