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Days For Girls 2019

AYA Project embarked on a transformative initiative, distributing 200 reusable menstruation kits generously provided by dedicated volunteers from Days for Girls across the country. Together, we spent an empowering afternoon enlightening young girls about menstrual health and hygiene, equipping them with essential knowledge for their well-being.

The impact of this day was profound, serving as a catalyst for positive change not only for the girls but for our entire team. Witnessing the empowerment and newfound confidence in these young girls was truly inspiring.

These kits, coupled with comprehensive education, are game-changers, ensuring that girls can continue their education without interruption every month. No longer confined to their homes waiting for their periods to end, these girls now have the tools and knowledge to thrive in school and beyond.

As we look ahead to our July 2020 mission, AYA Project is proud to continue our partnership with Days for Girls. Together, we will once again provide vital health education and distribute another 200 life-changing kits, furthering our mission to empower and uplift communities.

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