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6th PEACE Soccer Tournament

AYA proudly hosted its 6th PEACE Soccer tournament in the vibrant village of Akakro, creating a memorable community event that drew over 500 villagers. With eight teams participating in friendly matches, the atmosphere was electric.

The ladies' team emerged victorious after an intense shootout, showcasing their skills and determination. Meanwhile, the children's team's hard work on refining their skills paid off handsomely, contributing to the tournament's success. Despite the challenges of playing on a hard dirt field and opting for sandals, the men's team displayed remarkable resilience.

Every participant in the tournament received a PEACE medal, symbolizing unity and camaraderie. Additionally, teams were awarded trophies and provided with essential soccer supplies, including shirts and new soccer balls.

The PEACE tournament serves as a unifying force within the community, fostering sportsmanship and camaraderie among players and spectators alike. AYA is committed to continuing this tradition during each mission trip, supporting local athletes, promoting good health, and instilling pride in the hardworking players who are dedicated to building sportsmanship in their communities. Join us in celebrating the spirit of unity and athleticism!

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