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Marcory Hospital

Aya Project will partner with Marcory Hospital this year and work on improving the health for the community. In December we will meet with key members of the hospital and establish our partnership and explore ways in which we can support and help this hospital that serves the residents in Marcory.

In the past we have visited and toured the hospital and got a feel for the great needs of this hospital in its very busy Obstetrics unit and pediatrics department.


During our visit in December Carrie will be completing an assessment of the hospitals needs and working with the staff to develop programs that support not only the patients and families of this hospital but as well as the nurse and medical staff.


Carrie will also deliver medical supplies donated by Americares and Afya Foundation Luggage For Life Program. These supplies are in great need to the hospital! Please take some time out and check out these organizations and the amazing working they are doing! 

Aya project will also be distributing Mommy & Baby bags in December. These bags contain three months or prenatal vitamins for each mother, a baby blanket, a onies as well as baby items. These gifts will be given to new mommies and babies during our visit. If you would like to sponsor a Mommy & Baby Bag we will take a photo of the mother and baby that receive your gift. This is a wonderful way to let a new mom and baby know that someone is thinking about them and wish them well!

The cost to sponsor a Mommy & Baby Bag is $15.00 donation

Sponsor A Mommy & Baby Bag

Children admitted to the pediatrics department to the hospital could use a little cheer too. We will be distributing small gift bags to the children that contain coloring books, crayons, school supplies, small toys and a stuffed animal, as well a health kit that contains children’s Tylenol, Neosporin, Band-Aids, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and a washcloth. If you would like a sponsor a Pediatrics Kids Kit the cost is $10.00 donation.

Sponsor A Pediatrics Kids Health Kit

Thank - You 

Americares & Afya Foundation 

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