Days For Girls Health Education and Menstruation Kit Project 

AYA project is very excited to be distributing menstruation kits and teach health education to girls in the Ivory Coast. AYA project will partner with local Ivorian female volunteers to deliver kits to girls that are in need during our July 2019 mission trip. Our  team will be teaching health education and empower these girls to have control over their periods and their lives. AYA project believes that everyday a girl can stay in school helps grow and strengthen the community that she lives in. Our goal is to reach 200 girls! We are very lucky to have the support of the Days For Girls  volunteer groups across the country that make these kits that we are privileged to bring to the Ivory Coast. Please help us reach our goal of 200 kits by sponsoring a kit.  Your $6.00 donation will help AYA Project get a kit to a girl in need. Please visit a Day For Girls Website to learn about the amazing work and hope that this organization has brought all around the world.