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Days For Girls Health Education and Menstruation Kit Project 

Our mission? Empowerment! We're not just handing out kits; we're offering comprehensive health education to empower these girls to confidently manage their periods and seize control of their lives.

We're fueled by the belief that every day a girl stays in school fuels the growth and resilience of her entire community. That's why our sights are set on reaching 100 girls with this initiative! And we couldn't do it without the incredible support of Days for Girls volunteer groups nationwide, whose dedication allows us to bring these life-changing kits to Ivory Coast.

But here's where you come in: help us turn our vision into reality by sponsoring a kit.

Your $12.00 donation will directly impact a girl in need, ensuring she has the resources to thrive.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of empowerment! Visit the Days for Girls website to discover the phenomenal global impact of this remarkable organization. Together, let's make a difference, one kit at a time!

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