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 PEACE Soccer Ball Exchange 

During our upcoming trip, we are excited to host a soccer tournament aimed at promoting peace and health within the underserved communities we will be visiting during our January mission. As part of this initiative, we are reaching out to collect as many soccer balls and used equipment as possible to distribute to children and teens who lack access to such resources or are in need of newer equipment. Rest assured, all donations will be hand-delivered directly to those in need!

If you would like to contribute equipment or donate a soccer ball to brighten a child's day, we would be immensely grateful! You also have the option to include a card or letter with your ball, ensuring that your message of encouragement reaches the recipient. Don't forget to put a heartfelt message on your ball to spread even more joy!

This project presents a wonderful opportunity for kids to get involved and make a meaningful impact. If you are a soccer coach or part of a team, we encourage you to have all your teammates sign the ball before donating it. We'll even send you back a photo of your ball with its new team, creating a heartwarming connection!

Please contact us for drop-off locations for your donations. Additionally, we kindly request that you complete the Ball Donation Form to help us track your generous contribution and provide you with updates on how your donation is making a difference. Together, let's share the joy of soccer and make a positive impact on the lives of children in need!

Ball Drop Locations

115 West Oneida St. 

Oswego NY 13126 

 Ball Exchange Form

Items We Are Looking To Collect

Team sets of jerseys or practice shirts (10 or more jerseys of the same color and style).

Team sets of shorts (10 or more of the same color and style).

 Soccer balls in good condition (size 3,4, or 5)

Ball pumps and needles.

Soccer cleats

Goalie gloves

Sport Duffle Bags

Small Field Cones

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