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Project Hope 

During our last two missions, AYA Project has made a significant impact by delivering over 350 Healthy Birthing Kits to moms in need. This year, while continuing our efforts in distributing birthing kits and prenatal vitamins, we're taking a fresh approach by planning a celebration of life for expectant mothers! Our focus will be on the village of Nedakro and surrounding villages, where access to birthing centers is limited, and local midwives play a crucial role in ensuring safe deliveries.

At our upcoming celebration, each expecting mom will receive a birthing kit, prenatal vitamins, and essential education on utilizing the kit and the importance of clean birthing practices. We're also extending our support to the midwives from surrounding villages by presenting them with birthing bags containing essential supplies. Among the most vital items included in these bags are solar-powered lights, addressing the critical need for illumination during nighttime deliveries. With many villagers lacking access to electricity and fuel being expensive, these solar lights will empower midwives to provide care and comfort in a safer environment.

We're continuously seeking donations for our Healthy Birthing Kits initiative, which has been expertly coordinated by Cindi & John Herrman. Their dedication has played a pivotal role in sustaining this essential program.

To learn more about our Birthing Kits and to contribute to our initiatives, please visit our dedicated page.

Additionally, we're seeking donations of solar power headlamps and supplies for our midwives. If you'd like to support this cause, you can conveniently purchase these items through Amazon and have them sent directly to us.

Your support will make a profound difference in the lives of mothers and babies in these communities. Thank you for considering contributing to this vital cause!

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