Project Hope - Nedakro 

During our last 2 missions AYA Project has delivered over 350 Healthy Birthing Kits to moms in need. This year our goal is to continue with our healthy birthing kits and prenatal vitamin distribution, but are going about it with a different approach. We are planning a celebration of life for the moms to be! We will be working with the village of Nedakro and surrounding villages this year for many of our planned projects. These villages do not have a clinic with a birthing center and depend on the expertise of local midwives to aid in a safe delivery. We will be hosting a celebration for the moms to be, in which each mom will get a birthing kit, prenatal vitamins and education on how to use the kit and importance of a clean birth. We have asked the midwives form the surrounding villages to also come to the celebration where we will present them each with a birthing bag of supplies. One of the most needed items that we will be giving to the midwives are solar powered lights! Most of the villagers do not have power and fuel is expensive so many of these woman will give birth in the complete darkness. The solar lights will allow the midwives the ability to provide care and comfort in a much safer manner.

We are always looking for more donations for our Healthy Birthing Kits! Please check out our page dedicated to this project. Cindi & John Herrman coordinate our birthing kit efforts and have done an amazing job keeping this initiative going! 

To Learn More About Our Birthing Kits & To Donate To Our Initiatives 

We are also looking for donations of the following solar power headlamps and supplies for our midwives if you would like to purchase any of these items thru Amazon you can have them sent directly to us! 

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