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Meaning Of Aya

Adinkra symbols, originating from the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa, serve as powerful visual representations. Among them, the Aya symbol portrays the resilient fern plant. Thriving in unconventional terrain, the fern is acknowledged for its robust and enduring nature. Aligning with these qualities, Aya symbolizes endurance, independence, resilience in the face of challenges, hardiness, perseverance, and resourcefulness.

Beyond a mere symbol, Aya embodies the ethos of our organization, encapsulating our values and unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change. Mirroring the fern's ability to flourish amidst adversity, we are dedicated to transforming lives, both our own and those of others, through our service and meaningful contributions. The Aya symbol serves as a timeless emblem of the strength and purpose that guide our endeavors.



Aya Project Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the health and education of rural communities in The Ivory Coast. Our mission is to achieve this objective through strategic short-term community action trips and collaborative programs with local agencies, empowering communities to sustainably improve the well-being and education of their residents. In partnership with local organizations, Aya Project is dedicated to providing assistance to those in need, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion, or political affiliation. Our steadfast commitment is to catalyze positive change and offer holistic support within the diverse communities we serve.


Aya Project was founded by Carrie & Yao Jules after visiting family in the Ivory Coast. Carrie, an impassioned registered nurse, and Yao, with a rich background in sports and martial arts, were deeply moved by their experiences in Yao's homeland. Inspired by the resilience and warmth of the communities they encountered, Carrie and Yao were driven to utilize their talents and dreams to uplift and support those they had come to love during their visits.

Yao, who hails from the Ivory Coast, has represented his country in international karate championships and possesses a fervent desire to use sports and fitness to promote peace and healthy lifestyles within communities.

Carrie, armed with a Master's Degree in Nursing Education and a wealth of experience in international global health nursing, has spearheaded various initiatives, including leading medical mission trips to Guatemala and establishing the Happy Healthy Bellies Initiative. This initiative provided critical treatment for parasitic infections among children in rural Guatemalan communities. Carrie's unwavering dedication to service earned her the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Service Award in May 2016, recognizing her impactful contributions both abroad and within her community.

Joining Carrie's efforts is her sister, Jenifer, also a Registered Nurse and Wound Care Certified professional. Inspired by her first mission trip to Guatemala as part of the Happy Health Bellies Mission, Jenifer's life took a transformative turn. During a subsequent mission trip to Ghana, she applied her expertise in wound therapy to educate local communities on basic wound care practices, aiming to improve the outcomes for individuals with skin ailments and wounds.

Together, this family-driven initiative seeks not only to change the lives of those they serve but also to inspire and transform the lives of those who choose to join them in their noble mission.

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