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DAY FOR GIRLS 2025 Kit Fundraiser  

Turing Periods Into Pathways
Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

AYA Project will be working with Days For Girls again this year during our July 2021 mission. AYA project will be hosting our third days for girls project in the rural village of Tombroko in the Ivory Coast. Tombroko is located three hours north of the capital of Yamoussoukro. AYA Project team members will deliver Days For Girls menstruation kits and providing menstruation education and empowerment to girls and women in need.


The mission of Days For Girls is to increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls. Together, we're creating a world with dignity, health, and opportunity for all.  To learn more about DAYS For Girls Please Visit

Help AYA reach as many girls as possible sponsor a kit. A $6.00  donation will get a Days For Girls Kit to a girl in need and provide her with the education and empowerment on how to handle her menstruation and learn more about her body.

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