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Sponsor A Luke Light For A Student!

Many of the communities that we partner with in the Ivory Coast have very limited to no power. This makes studying once it gets dark impossible. Many of the homes use Kerosene lanterns to help provide light to read and study but these lamps are dangerous. The smoke and soot from these lamps causes more deaths than malaria. The fuel for these lamps is also expensive and can cost a family more than a third of their income paying for the fuel. We want to help students and families be able to read, study and learn long after the sun has gone down. AYA Project will work with Unite To Light to get solar powered lights in the hands of kids that need them the most! The Luke Lights are durable solar LED lights that are powered by small solar panels. The lights recharge during the day and provide students and families with clean bright light at night. Our goal is to bring 120 solar powered student lights during our December 2018 mission. Please consider sponsoring a light.

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