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Akakro Elementary  School Project 

AYA Project believes that education is key for development and leadership in the villages. We will be working with the 240 students that attend Akakro elementary this July. We will be working with the educators, elders and the villagers to make improvements to the school.  This school has six classroom that houses all 240 children and lack basic supplies. The school currently has no electricity  which  impacts the students ability to attend full day classes. Without the daylight they can not see in the classrooms to study and class can only be held for half a day. We are excited to start working with this school, the children and six teachers and principle.  

This year we are focusing on making repairs to three of the six classrooms in the school. We need to fix the roof as there are holes to the outside and when it rains it pours into the classrooms. We painted the classrooms and the school in January and it looks fresh and clean.

This summer we would like to put in a set of swings in at the school.

If you are interested in sponsoring a classroom, donating to our swing set project  or donating any teaching aids items such as maps, please let us know. 

We will be updating this page with pictures of the school and kids very soon! The kids are very excited about AYA Project coming to their school and we can't wait to July to meet all of them! 

If you are interested in adopting a classroom please contact us!

Akakro School Children 

1st Grade - 21 Girls / 23 Boys = 44 Total

2nd Grade - 25 Girls / 19 Boys = 44 Total

3rd Grade - 25 Girls / 31 Boys = 56 Total

4th Grade - 24 Girls/ 13 Boys - 37 Total

5th Grade - 21 Girls/ 16 Boys - 37 Total

6th Grade - 18 Girls / 16 Boys - 34 Total

Total Children 134 Girls / 118 Boys = Total 252 Students 

Here is a link to our Amazon Wish List You Can order parts for our swing set project here! 

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